Visiting the canal is a wonderful way to escape from your routine life. There are different places to visit and lots of activities for families and friends. Here are the top 5 attractions of the canal.

Boat trip

You can hire a self-drive boat for a day or a few hours. There are various companies who provide these boats across the canal system. Some of these boats are big enough to carry up to 12 passengers. These boats also have cooking and toilet facilities. You can hire canal trip boats with a skipper. You will get refreshments and commentary throughout the journey. There are restaurant boats available that will give you a great dining experience. Hotel boats are also available for spending the night.

Canal Pubs and Inns

The canal pubs are an important part of the canal experience. Many pubs sell basic boat supplies. These pubs provide great meals and comfortable surroundings for people visiting the canal on holidays. Most pubs have convenient moorings outside, outside seating arrangements, gardens and play area as well.


There are waterway museums where you will be able to learn about the history of the canal. You will know how the canal was made from planning to the building phase. You will be able to see various artifacts in the museum as well.

You can have a great family day out by visiting the canal. Most of the canal attractions are available all round the year. There are lots of cafes and canal shops as well. You will have a wonderful time visiting the canal.