If you ever happen to visit the Rocky Mountain National Park to do your hiking adventure, be sure to take a visit at the Dream Lake Trail too. Why? It’s the most beautiful trail that you can encounter. It also branches off from the Bear Lake area where it takes you up to a series of three more alpine likes such as the: Nymph Lake, Dream Lake, and Emerald Lake. So what does it feel like to have an adventure into these areas?

The Bear Lake Trail

  • The Bear Lake area is the first place you can encounter before reaching the Dream Lake Trail. This area is great for beginners because it’s one of the easy trails in the Rocky Mountain Area. There’s also a parking lot in the Bear Lake area, but you have to be early especially during the holiday season where a lot of people will show up taking up all its space.

The Nymph Lake

  • Once you’re done hiking the Bear Lake area, your next encounter is the Nymph Lake. It’s a small lake located higher after the Bear Lake area. The Nymph Lake can be a bit underwhelming compared to the Bear Lake, but you have to go through it just for the sake of going to the Dream Lake Trail.

The Dream Lake Trail

  • After that unimpressive hike throughout the Nymph Lake trail, the place becomes steeper and steeper, but you’ll be offered by the impressive view of the area throughout your walk. Once you reached the Dream Lake, you’ll be amazed by its exquisite beauty. The clear water looks like glass that reflects the mountain peaks in the distance. The place is perfect for photographers where you can take impressive shots not just the lake, but also the stunning view of the area around it. You’ll surely like to take your time around here to admire its beauty. Once done, working your way down to the Bear Lake is a challenge. Hiking down a steep hill can be slippery especially during the winter season, where the hill is entirely covered in slippery snow.

Final details

  • The Dream Lake Trail is located at the eastern side of the Rocky Mountain National Park. All of the trails you an encounter is at least 2.1 miles long while bearing a 498 foot gain in elevation. There is a park admission though, and you get charged if you park your vehicle at its entrance. It’s also advisable to wear sturdy and durable hiking shoes, and also snowshoes if you plan to go there during winter. Visiting the lake during summer is an excellent choice too if it’s ok with you even if it’s crowded. Don’t forget to wear layers also as the weather above the mountains is unpredictable.