Not knowing what to pack is a camper’s ultimate enemy. Remember that the things you pack will affect your camping experience so it’s important to pack wisely. Either you’re a first timer or a veteran in camping, these are the things that you should never ever forget for your camping journey.

Note: This list is designed for staying at a campground only. If you’re a backpacker, then this article is not for you. Let’s begin!

Camping Gear and Equipment

  • Tent – If you’re camping inside a trailer or an RV, then skip to the next one. But if you’re a traditional camper, then a tent is the simplest option you can have to sleep in. Tents comes in a variety of classes to choose from. We have the single-person tent down to the family-size camping tents that are made of fabric. Keep in mind when picking a tent, you should pick one that’s double your size. This leaves you more space inside to place your gear or to change clothes.
  • Tent stakes – Tents need protection too just like humans. To keep your tent from flying away by the wind just in case the weather gets bad, always bring tent stakes.
  • Sleeping bags – Sleeping bags are ideal to keep you warm at night. It comes in a wide range of temperature ratings, so make sure that you estimate what the weather will be like before going camping to know what the right sleeping bag to get.
  • Something to sleep on – If you’re not fond of sleeping bags and tents are not your thing, then it’s time to find something to sleep on. Good alternatives are camping mats or mattresses which comes in different sizes that you can choose from. Inflatable air mattresses offers the most cushion, but can be bulky and requires a pump to inflate them. You can go for ultra compact mats instead which is a better choice and it’s also designed for backpackers which doesn’t take up a lot of space on your bag.
  • Air pump – We mentioned above about that bulky inflatable mattress. If you’re fine with that kind of thing, then bringing an air pump with you is a must. Not just for that, maybe you can use it on other things too.
  • Pillow – What’s camping without a pillow right? Don’t forget to bring pillows with you or you’ll find yourself using a shirt pile to use as a pillow which is uncomfortable.
  • Camp chairs – Sitting around a campfire at night while making deep talks with your friends is the best feeling ever. But not the best feeling if you don’t have a camping chair with you. You don’t want to sit in the cold hard ground and freeze yourself right? A collapsible camp chair is the best one you can bring to your camping trip.
  • Lantern/Flashlight – A battery-operated lantern is a must have since it’s handy to use especially at night. Flashlights are best if you want to go outside your camp at night to hunt for ghosts or something so you should also bring this one.
  • Spare batteries – Running out of battery can be frustrating especially for battery-operated lanterns and flashlights we’ve mentioned above. Don’t forget to bring spare ones you can use.
  • Extension cord – Some local campsites may have electric boxes for campers to use for their electronic gadgets or something. But you don’t want to stand next to it and wait for your phone to charge right? Bring an extension cord that you can run around to your tent for you to use.
  • Rope – If you’re going to stay on camp for days, bring a rope with you that you can line around trees to make a clothesline.
  • Pocket knife – Bring a Swiss army knife with you to use for canned goods or to threaten suspicious and creepy people away to your tent.
  • Garbage bags – Packing your own trash is the number one rule in camping. So don’t forget to bring garbage bags with you. Some campsites also have dumpsters where you can bin your trash bag. This saves you time to bring your trash home which can get your car filthy or smelly.

Cooking Equipment

  • Cooler – There may be chances where you might bring drinks or food that needs to be chilled. So don’t forget to bring a cooler with you where you can store these kinds of food items. Some of these coolers are expensive, but there are a lot of cheaper alternatives you can get from your local mart.
  • Dutch oven – Cooking meals in a Dutch oven can make it taste a whole lot better. It can cook meals quickly and the results are scrumptious. You might consider bringing one if you want your camping food trip as savory as you want.
  • Electric griddle – Cooking over the fire can take a lot of time since the coals need to be heated up in order to get it ready for use. Since we mentioned earlier that some campsites have electric boxes near them, it’s advisable to bring an electric griddle with you for quick and easy cook ups.
  • Kitchen utensils – You don’t want to get your hands dirty by using it to stir or flip that sizzling food in front of you. Don’t forget to bring kitchen utensils with you for your cooking needs.
  • Can opener – You’ll probably bring a lot of canned food with you, especially if you’re that type of person that doesn’t know how to cook. Make sure that a can opener is present too. You can’t just use your hands or teeth to rip them open.
  • S’more sticks – When you want to roast a pack of mallows around a campfire during the night, be sure to bring s’more sticks with you.
  • Sandwich irons – If you’re a sandwich loving person, then there’s nothing better than grilling them using a sandwich iron. Don’t forget to bring it if you have one.
  • Charcoal chimney – Charcoals like to take their time before they decide to heat themselves up. But a charcoal chimney can heat them up faster so it’s best to bring one.
  • Campfire grill – Grilled campfire burgers are best for your campfire snack pack. Simple metal racks can turn your fire pit into a burger-making grill. They are collapsible and can be fold open easily over the fire, or be pounded on the ground, or even dangle from a tripod.
  • Propane grill – If grilling steaks is your thing, then bringing a propane grill with you is best to have.
  • Vinyl tablecloth – Reusable vinyl tablecloth is best used for picnic tables if you have one lying around. It’s lighter and easier to clean up after meals.
  • Water bottle – Clean water is hard to find especially when you camp in isolated areas. Always bring a bottle full of water with you to use for cooking, washing, and also for drinking.
  • Foods – After all the cooking equipment we’ve mentioned above, we should never ever forget to bring food with us. What’s the point of creating this list if we don’t have food to bring right?
  • Dish pan and sponge – After that delicious meal around the campfire, washing the dishes is next in line. Don’t also forget to bring a dish pan, dish soap, and a sponge for dishwashing purposes.

Clothing and Other Personal Items

  • Socks and undergarments – Very ideal if you want to stay on camp for days or weeks. You don’t want to walk around the area while smelling like fish right?
  • Toiletries – Everyday hygiene is important. So don’t forget to bring your soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner or even your tampons if you’re a girl on its red days.
  • Bathroom bag – Off course you need something to carry on your toiletries. A bathroom bag is the perfect thing to keep them all in one place.
  • Shoes – It’s advisable to bring heavy duty shoes with you. You might never know the area can be muddy sometimes because of the weather.
  • Flip flops – If you’re camping under good weather condition, then flip flops are the best way to use if you don’t want to bring shoes with you.
  • Waterproof jacket – So you’re happily camping under a beautiful sunny day, and suddenly, the clouds decided to ruin your day by pouring down heavy rain into the area. Prepare yourself a waterproof jacket during times like these.
  • Bathing suit – If you’re camping in a nearby lake and want to take a dip, then bringing bathing suits are ideal instead of using your casual clothes for swimming.
  • Pajamas – When it’s time for some shut eye, make yourself comfortable by wearing pajamas. So don’t forget to bring them too.

Other Camping Stuff

  • Lighter or matches – A campfire is never complete without something to light it up. So ensure that you bring a lighter or a pack of matches with you.
  • Bug spray – There are some campsites where it’s heavily infested with mosquitoes and bugs. A bug spray is your best friend when it comes to this.
  • Sunscreen – This is ideal for those campers who wants to stay outdoors and explore the area as long as they can.
  • Towel – After that refreshing swim on the lake, you’ll probably want a towel to dry yourself up. Consider bringing one so you don’t have to use your clothes as a towel.
  • Hammer – Definitely needed to pound those tent stakes on the ground and among other things.
  • Card games – Uno, exploding kittens, or the traditional card game can bring worlds of fun during your camping trip.
  • A book – When camping, it’s better to stay away from social media for a while and relax yourself by reading a good book. Perfect if you want to stay inside your tent because of a bad weather or just want to read something before going to sleep.