There’s nothing better than camping outdoors. Enjoying the beautiful landscapes and feeling the breeze of the air can leave you calm and relaxed away from all responsibilities. Well, this is the feeling you get if you’re camping alone or with your group of friends, until your kids are involved.

It may be difficult to camp while bringing your kids, but that doesn’t mean that you just leave them at your house and enjoy the time all by yourself. Camping outdoors can give kids a lot of lessons and survival tips that they can carry on until they grow.

If you’re looking for tips on how to enjoy camping with your family, then you’ve come to the right place. Kids can sometimes be a nuisance when they’re outdoors since they like to run around and explore everything they see. You never know, a few hours later, your kid is already lost in the woods without even noticing.

Keep in mind that kids can get tired quickly after all that exploring and running around the area of your camp. But with proper planning and discipline, camping with your young ones is a piece of cake. So what are the tips that we should do? Let’s dive in.

  1. Create Ground Rules

  • Ground rules can prevent your kid from doing such nuisance during camp. This lets them know that the campsite is not a playground where they can run around and get mischievous.
  • They might lose themselves in the woods if they’re not being watched properly which is something that they should be aware of. It’s important to talk to them and set limits so that they won’t go wandering off without your guidance. Another thing is you should also let them know not to eat anything that they might find while exploring.
  • On the long run, setting ground rules can keep your little ones safe which gives you one less problem to deal with.
  1. Separately Pack Their Clothes

  • Packing your kids clothes separately in another bag can add convenience to your camping experience. This makes them responsible knowing they have their own bag to put their clothes once they’re done wearing it. Doing so will also teach them to separate clean and dirty clothes.
  1. Bring Toys

  • If you don’t want your kids to wander around and get lost in the area, bring their toys to keep them entertained near camp. Keep in mind that you should never bring their whole set of toys because it’s important that they should enjoy nature too. A board game or sports gear will do the trick.
  1. Bring Your Survival Kit

  • There may be chances where your kids can get injuries while they’re exploring. This is why bringing a survival kit is important because you’re the only one who can help them during times of need. Also, bringing a survival kit can also teach them how to use it just in case you’re not around.
  • Your survival kit must include a whistle, first aid kit, GPS device, and a flashlight. The purpose of the whistle is for calling them once they get far around the area. First aid kits are best for sticky situations, and the flashlight is for finding their way in the dark during night time.
  1. Don’t Pack Everything

  • We mentioned earlier that you should let your kids carry a separate bag for their clothes. Another important thing in this tip is that you should never ever over-pack. Over-packing your kid’s luggage with unnecessary clothes can add to the weight they’ll have to carry around which can make them tire quickly.
  • Kids can get grumpy once they’re tired and this is one thing you should avoid if you want a peace of mind during camping.
  1. Rent Camping Supplies

  • Instead of buying new ones, renting them is easier and much more affordable. Buying new ones also means you have to transport all of these supplies to camp which makes you and your kids too tired to enjoy the rest of the day.


Family camping is easy as long as you follow these tips and do proper planning. As long as you know how to discipline your kids and let them follow your rules, you can have an enjoyable camping experience without all the stress creeping in.