Winter is the perfect time to venture out the great outdoors. Everything will look different thanks to the snow that covers almost everything, and Christmas is in the air because decorations start to make an appearance. Even though it’s one of the most beautiful time of the year to travel, packing the right things is daunting. You’ll probably pack a lot of bulky clothes and jeans that can quickly fill your suitcase and forgot to pack the essentials you need. But worry no more because you’ve come to the right place, as this article will guide you about the most important things to pack. Let’s get started!

  1. Layers

  • Wearing layers to keep you warm out in the cold is important, but what’s more important is the right layer to wear. Thermal and thin layers are great if you plan to go in and out of buildings. Thick and bulky layers are needed if you’re going outside to Christmas bazaars and other attractions.
  1. Insulated Gloves

  • Keep your hands warm by wearing insulated or thermal gloves. Don’t opt for the ones that have holes for fingers. During winter, the weather can get colder and colder as time passes by and it’s advisable to wrap yourself as possible as you can.
  1. Sweaters

  • Sweaters can be bulky, but they’re worth to wear. Just don’t overdo on bringing such, bringing three sweaters with different colors will do. Darker-colored sweaters are best and can go with everything. They don’t even stain if you accidentally spilled your hot chocolate on it. Oversized sweaters is a good one too because it doubles the warmth.
  1. Legwarmers

  • If wearing snow jeans isn’t enough to keep your legs warm, then legwarmers will do the trick! They are great especially when it’s freezing outside. Wear them under your jeans or with a pair of leggings and boots. They’re great for visiting something outside in deep snow.
  1. Scarves

  • Keep your neck warm by wearing scarves. They not only keep your neck warm, but they can also look great on you too. Silk and softer scarfs are suitable for indoors, while the thicker ones are great if you plan to go outdoors.
  1. Winter Shoes

  • Your casual shoes won’t do any good in the snow. Consider bringing or buying winter shoes instead. Opt for waterproof ones which prevent melted snow to enter your feet.
  1. All Other Essentials

  • To complete your winter survival kit, here are some more important items that you should bring:
  • Hand warmers – if those gloves don’t help, consider bringing this one too.
  • Moisturizer – the cold weather can make your skin dry. Bring a hand and body moisturizer with you and apply it every morning before going out in the cold and every night before you go to bed.
  • Power bank – your phone will likely drain faster cause you’ll be using its camera more often to take pictures of everything while traveling. Don’t forget to bring a power bank with you to keep it charged when it’s low on juice.
  • Face mask – there’s nothing better than relaxing into a hot tub paired with a face mask for your face after a long day of exploring the cold outdoors.
  • Lip balm – the cold weather can make your lips dry so bring this one too.
  • Extra meds – You never know when cold strikes, sooner or later you’ll find yourself sneezing non-stop. Bring your meds with you to help you fight any viruses and bacteria that are caused by the cold weather.
  • Packable jacket – These jackets are handy and can fit easily into your bag, don’t forget to bring this too.
  • Travel slippers – This may seem odd, but you only have to wear them inside your hotel after a long day of exploring outside in the cold. Slippers are also great when paired with socks to keep you warm.