Business travelers would love to receive a gift from you. But it can be tricky since we don’t know what’s important for them and what’s not. But don’t worry because you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to share a list of things that your business traveler friend will surely love. So what are we waiting for? Let’s take a look at them.

All the Essentials

  • Business backpack – For people who travel a lot because of business appointments, a business backpack is what they need. Gone are the days where rolling briefcases is a thing which is quite cumbersome especially for people who’s always on the move. With business backpacks, say hello to a more comfortable travel and feel. You can choose a wide range of professional looking business backpacks both online and offline.
  • Portable charger – It can be frustrating when your phone shows up a “low battery” sign in the middle of doing something important. But with a portable charger, say goodbye to finding outlets to plug on. This thing is essential for business people since we always rely on our smartphones for everything we need such as scheduling a meeting or doing work online. No more power outlet hunts on the airport thanks to portable chargers.
  • Noise-canceling headsets – You’ll find a lot of different kinds of noises inside a plane, screaming kids, people blasting their phones to full volume, and seat neighbors who gossip too much loudly. This can be annoying especially if you want to find peace or get some shut-eye on the flight. But worry no more because noise-canceling earphones are here to save the day. It blocks out any kinds of noise in the surrounding area and even engine noise the plane makes. This is ideal for business travelers who want to take a rest inside the plane during their trip.
  • Reusable water bottle – Liquids that are over 3 oz is not allowed inside the plane. But for a traveler, they need to stay on top of their health by keeping themselves hydrated. A small reusable water bottle should do the trick. Some water bottles come in plastic metal, or glass and you should definitely pick up the first two compared to the third one which is fragile.
  • Travel umbrella – Showing up at work looking wet and miserable is a no go for business people. A travel umbrella is essential for them especially when they’re on business trips where public transportation and walking is common.
  • International converter – If you have a business traveler friend who’s always on the go especially overseas for different kinds of business appointments, then a handy international converter is the best gift to give. You can pick one that cover’s a specific location only or a set that covers different countries around the globe.

Suitcase items

  • Good luggage – Having quality luggage is a business traveler’s best friend. If you can afford one, then it is the best give you can ever give. However, if you’re tight on budget, there are also other alternatives or just pick one that’s in between. Make sure to check if there are enough pockets or holders if you decided to buy one. Luggage with textured surfaces is ideal too since the smooth and shiny ones are prone to smudges and scratches which can look ugly.
  • Reusable travel bottles – We’re not just talking about water bottles here; we’re talking about different kinds of bottles where you can put your essentials. This is ideal if your business traveler friend has a lot of hair and skin care products. They are also available under the 3 oz limit that airports only allow.
  • Vitamin/Pill case – You never know when viruses strike, so it’s always important to carry your meds with you. But what if your business traveler friend carries a lot of vitamins around? Well, a vitamin pill case divider is what they need. They can say goodbye to deep luggage hauls and say hello to an organized vitamin set.
  • Laundry bag – If your jetsetter friend is having trouble organizing their dirty clothes from the clean ones, give them a handy laundry bag which they can use.
  • Shoe bags – Shoes attract a lot of dirt since it’s always in contact with the ground. But with shoe bags, you can keep all the dirt and any disgusting things away from your belongings.
  • Straightener case – For lady travelers who always love to straighten their hair every morning, a heat resistant case is the perfect thing you can have. No more waiting for your hair care device to cool down and be late for that important meeting or appointments.
  • Travel mug – Most hotels offer disposable paper cups for travelers to use. But they come in small sizes which is not ideal especially for people who want to drink more. A travel mug is the best thing you can give for business travelers who likes to indulge in caffeine so much.


  • Wrinkle-free clothing – Business people need to stay classy and presentable at the same time during their work. With that being said, wrinkle-free clothing is one of the best gifts you can give to them.
  • Packable down jacket – This one is perfect for business travels during winter. Unlike traditional jackets, packable down jackets are handy and can be put inside the bag easily without worrying about space.
  • Comfortable slip on/zipper shoes – Very ideal for travelers who wants to slip on and off shoes easily out of their feet. This can also save them time in the airport where security will require them to take off their shoes for inspection. No more time-consuming knot tying sessions especially when you’re in a hurry.
  • Presentable sweats – Flying while wearing your work clothes can be uncomfortable and distracting for some. But sweatshirts or sweatpants that are presentable to look at is here to save the day. Give this one to your business traveler friend and they’ll surely love it.

Non-Tangible Gifts

  • TSA Pre-check – Your business traveler friend would be happy to know that you’ve already paid for their TSA pre-check. This saves them time to do everything on their own just to pass airport security. It’s one of the best presents you can give to them and can make their busy lives a little bit easier.
  • Premium Audible subscription – Long flights, and boring solo car journeys is part of a traveler’s busy life. To make their trip get any better, surprise them with a premium audible subscription so that they can have something to listen to during their journey.
  • Premium Netflix/Hulu subscription – After a long day at work, some business travelers tend to spend their time to relax by watching TV. But turning on that cable remotes greets you with boring sports games, political issues that you don’t even care about, and reality crime shows that makes you want to leave the town or something. End the suffering by surprising your business traveler friend with a Netflix or Hulu subscription. Both of these streaming services offer a wide range of movies and TV series that they’ll definitely love to binge watch throughout the night.