Hiking is a great way to escape from the problems of the world. There’s nothing better than camping across the country with your friends while exploring the beautiful places of the area. However, it may not end well for inexperienced campers.

You may end up being lost because everything seems so familiar in an area that you don’t know anymore which way to go. This may not be a problem at first if you want to be adventurous, but things can get pretty dangerous if you’re not prepared when it happens.

There’s no need to be a survival expert if you want to survive in the wild. As long as you’re prepared with the right gear and knowledge, then you’re good to go. So the next time you’re going on a journey, be sure that you carry around a solution for every problem that you might encounter. Below, are hiking mistakes that campers should avoid.

  1. Being dehydrated

  • Some people will only bring an ample amount of water, without thinking that it’s hard to find a water source out in the wild. Not bringing enough water can lead to dehydration. If you want to stay hydrated for the rest of your trip, then bringing more than enough water is a must. Not every place in the wild has a water stream. Bring water with you, unless if there’s a nearby river in the area you’re heading and you know how to find it.
  1. Not using your senses

  • One of the most common mistakes campers always make is not using their senses to take advantage of the surroundings. When hiking, it’s important to use your senses to hear what you should listen to and smell what you need to smell. The more you use your senses, the more enjoyable and safer your trip will be. Don’t just use your eyes; you might never know what danger lurks nearby.
  1. Not knowing how difficult a trail is

  • Most campers act like children when exploring the great outdoors. Thinking that they can pass every obstacle or difficulties that lies ahead within an area. This is definitely stupid and may even lead to great danger. It’s better to know and research the trail first before hiking into that area. For beginners, it’s better to start on easier trails first before going deeper into harder trails.
  1. Failing to prepare everything for the trip

  • Failing to prepare for a hike is a recipe for danger. It’s better to prepare and go for the worst case scenario to avoid mistakes. It may look sunny now, but that can change in a matter of hours or so. Do you have the proper clothing for every weather condition? Do you have a first aid kit just in case you become wounded or something? So the next time you’re going on a journey, it’s better to prepare than risking your life for the sake of “adventure”.


  1. Grabbing everything around the area

  • People tend to become careless while traveling through the wilderness. Keep in mind that you’re not an archaeologist to inspect everything in sight. You must pay attention to everything you put in your hands so that you won’t end up getting poisoned or something. Also during trickier areas, campers tend to hold on random branches to regain their balance, without knowing if that branch is stable or not. You never know, maybe these branches are filled with snakes that you might never notice so it’s better to be careful.
  1. The lone wolf attitude

  • This is the most crucial mistake that campers make that can often get them killed along the way. Some people want to travel alone without letting their loved ones know, are you planning for a suicide or something? You’re not like Lara Croft or Indiana Jones who’s an expert in exploring things. If something terrible happens, there’s no one else that can help you but only yourself. If ever you do want to go alone, be sure to carry a GPS around you so that your friends and family can track you where you are. There’s nothing bad of finding solitude and pleasure by yourself, as long as you’re ready and know the risks you’re taking.
  1. Not following the trail

  • Exploring the area beyond a trail gives you that feeling of satisfaction that you just discovered something other than what the trail can give. But this results to you being lost. If you like to explore an area out of bounds, it’s better to go with a group of people with you especially if you’re a beginner. Just in case you get injured or something, there will be people to help you out.
  1. Being unaware of what lies ahead of an area

  • You should know that nature doesn’t play by their rules. Some campers like to explore without knowing the area first, leading to dangerous situations that can get them into trouble. They assume that everything is okay without knowing the danger that lies ahead. It’s better to pay attention to the trails and keep your distance unless you really know what you’re doing. Read about the weather in advance if you’re still home and pack the necessary gear for such. Gathering as much information as you can of an area helps you to be ready for anything that nature throws in you.